Perched on a rocky bluff above the deep blue Pacific, Rainbow Rock Retreat commands a dramatic 180 degree scenic ocean view.  A short trail meanders down the bluff to a secluded beach below.  Numerous sea stacks and small islands sit just off shore, bringing an enhanced three dimensional quality to the ocean panorama.  In the distance, to the Southwest, a rocky island and lighthouse can be seen.  From the balcony one can see the California coast and Cascade Mountain Range to the South, and far into the vast blue Pacific to the Northwest.  From any vantage point, this is paradise.
Just six miles North of the California Border, Rainbow Rock Retreat is in the middle of what is, arguably, the most scenic coastal corridor in the entire Pacific Northwest.  From Harris State Beach (1.5 miles South of Rainbow Rock Retreat), and for well over 100 miles to the North, the drive along the ocean is a feast of dramatic shoreline, rocky outcroppings, and scenic capes. 

From Brooking, Oregon, South, to Trindad, California you will find another 100 miles filled with scenic coastline and giant redwood forests.   The Rainbow Rock Condominium community, comprised of only five oceanfront buildings, is unique in it's isolated beauty; with the closest oceanfront property over 2300 ft to the South, and none for 20 miles to the North.   The community owns the entire bluff down to the ocean.  There is no public access unless you are an owner or guest. 

​​A short meandering trail leads to a beautiful sandy beach directly below the Retreat.   The beach at Rainbow Rock Retreat is wonderful for strolling, and has an assortment of tide pools due to the rock formations.   There is a cave that traverses the length of the Rainbow Rock promontory (perhaps 80 feet long) that is accessible except when tide is at it's highest.   If you walk through it you can access the beach to the South (the beach seen in the picture above).    In the summer, the cave partially fills with sand.  In the winter the ceiling is as high as nine feet.

Rainbow Rock Retreat borders the Samuel H. Boardman State Park, a 12 mile scenic coastal park.  The Oregon Coastal Trail begins on the grounds of Rainbow Rock, and extends the 12 mile length of the park, and beyond.  The trail offers both forested and scenic ocean vistas.  See the Oregon Coast Trail link above to see the scenic spots along the trail.  See the Cape Ferrelo link above to see a slide show of the hike from Rainbow Rock Retreat to Cape Ferrelo, about 1.5 miles to the North, along the coast.   See the Pistol River link above for pictures of a hike at the South end of Pistol River State Park.

Brookings, Oregon is a wonderful little coastal town, two miles to the South, with a small but active harbor.  Between December and August, you can go down to the docks and purchase Dungeness Crab from several of the crab gathering vessels as they arrive.  

Some of the most beautiful old growth California redwood groves are within a short drive from Rainbow Rock Retreat.  Jedediah Smith State Park Giant Redwood Grove, considered to be the most photographically beautiful grove still in existence, is only 30 minutes away.  Within a short drive are multiple rivers to raft (hence the name of the area, "Wild River's Coast"), and some of the best fishing in the Northwest.  Rainbow Rock Retreat is a well appointed unit with a wood burning fireplace.  We are on the second floor of the most Westward facing condominium.  We have the coveted Northwest corner unit, expanding the ocean view.  The balcony faces the ocean and the cool summer breeze.  As you can see below, the views are magnificent.  This small and friendly gated community values the locations quiet and peaceful state of being.

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This is near actual perspective* from the balcony looking North-Northwest (* This is just about what it looks like if you were standing on the balcony and looking North-Northwest). 
This is near actual perspective from the balcony looking West.   To get a sense of size and distance, consider the fact that in the small picture to the right, the black mark that is angled to the right of the pyramid shaped island, is a 40 to 50 ft, 30 to 40 ton, Grey Whale breaching high out of the water in mid April. The Pyramid island is about 3800 feet from the balcony.
This is near actual perspective from the balcony looking Southwest.  The Northern California coast can be seen in the background.

Early morning shot to the South.  When the fog begins to clear, the coast becomes sublime.

About Brookings, Oregon, and the infamous Banana Belt

Brookings-Harbor (it's proper name) is a classic, picturesque, Pacific Northwest harbor town. Here you will find restaurants, grocery stores, a movie theater, art galleries, antique shops, and kayak/outdoor gear rental facilities. Seven miles South is a casino. One can charter a fishing boat, or go whale watching. You can buy fresh crab at the harbor on most afternoons. Brookings, Oregon is located in the "Banana Belt", a 30 mile, unusually temperate, microclimate-zone, with relatively stable year round temperatures. Temperatures in the high 60's are not uncommon throughout the winter months. Likewise, sunny days are more common in this area along the coast than anywhere on the Northwest coast. In the five mile stretch between Brookings and the California border one can find Easter Lilly fields that bloom in the winter months. Oranges, daffodils, and other flowers bloom in mid January. Flowers and plants typically seen in Hawaii, and other subtropical regions flourish here. Whales can be seen from the balcony, passing through year round (see Whale Watching). The rainy season is between November and March bringing dramatic storms and crashing, thunderous waves (many come to watch the storms and the tumultuous sea). These storms and rainy days are regularly interspersed with calm, sunny days. Most of the remainder of the year finds relatively clear skies. Summers are cooled by ocean breezes and typically in the high 60's to high 70's (several days from June to August will reach into the 80's). Inland, just one mile will find temps reaching into the mid 90's. Fog is common in the morning in the summer months with dramatic views as the fog disperses along the coast. To the North is a 30 mile scenic corridor containing some of the most beautiful, ruggedly scenic coastline in the world. This 30 mile stretch is known as the "Wild Rivers Coast". Southern Oregon Coast, Brookings vacation rental, Brookings Oregon vacation rental, Brookings, OR vacation rental,

This is a slightly wide angled perspective from the balcony looking South.

Rainbow Rock Retreat is a family owned condominium that is offered as a vacation rental for no more than 12 weeks per year.  The private gated Rainbow Rock Condominium Complex is about two miles North of Brookings, Oregon and is directly on the Oregon Coast.  The Community sits atop a Bluff, magnifying the magestic views of the Southern Oregon Coast.  Brookings, Oregon is just 6 miles North of the California Border.  The Brookings, Oregon/Rainbow Rock area is within a short drive to the most scenic California Redwood Groves, including Jedediah Smith State Park Giant Redwood Grove, about 30 minutes away and The Redwood National Park, just 40 minutes away.  Brookings, Oregon is also at the Southern most tip of Oregon's Wild Rivers Coast, and features the most scenic 30 mile stretch of coastline found in the Pacific Northwest, and possible all of the Continental US.  Rainbow Rock Retreat is on a 13 acres and borders the Samuel H. Boardman State Park, an 11 mild scenic coastal park. The Oregon Coastal Trail begins at the border of the Rainbow Rock Retreat property and extends the length of the park, and beyond. The trail offers both forested and scenic ocean vistas. In the two miles between Rainbow Rock and Brookings, Oregon, is Harris Beach State Park, one of the more photographed shorelines in Oregon.  To the North, is Lone Ranch Beach and Cape Ferrelo, both magnificent and scenic.  Approximately 15 miles North is the Beautiful Pistol River scenic shoreline and Cape Sebastian.  Gold Beach is approximately 30 minutes from Rainbow Rock Retreat.  The scenic location and wonderful accommodations provided by Rainbow Rock Retreat make it a remarkable and memorable place to retreat to for romance, peace, and serenity.
Brookings Vacation Rental.

This is near actual perspective from the balcony looking South-Southwest.
(* This is just about what it looks like if you were standing on the balcony)


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Above is a picture that I borrowed from a site run by Busch Geotechnical Consultants, a firm the Rainbow Rock Condominium Association hired for some geotechnical studies.   You can find them at http://www.buschgeotech.com/
You can see the wonderful placement of the condominium complex on the border of the Samuel H. Boardman State Park, where the beautiful Oregon Coastal Trail begins.  All of the units in the community have balconies with front row, unobstructed views of the ocean.