The Rainbow Rock Retreat is pristine and scenic, yet close to the small town of Brookings, for all of your needs.
Rainbow Rock Retreat - Driving:

Brookings is a very manageable drive from several major cities.

We are about:
9 1/2 hours from Reno, NV
8 1/2 hours from Seattle, WA
7 1/2 hours from San Francisco, CA
6 1/2 hours from Portland, OR
4 1/2 hours from Eugene, OR

Small towns with nice, small, airports to fly in to:
2 1/2 hours from Medford, OR
2 1/2 hours from North Bend, OR
2 1/2 hours from Arcata, CA*
30 minutes from Crescent City, CA*

(Arcata and Crescent City occasionally get fogged in during summer.  San Francisco will get fogged in.....well, anytime.)


Rainbow Rock Retreat - Flying:

Flying to the area can be done in a variety of ways. 

Fly to Crescent City, California
The closest commercial airport is the Airport in Crescent City, California, about 30 minutes South (McNamara Air Field, airport code CEC).
  United Airlines is the main airline flying into this very, very small and friendly airport.  It can be pricey compared to flying to Medford, Oregon (see below).  

There are two car rental companies at the airport(
Express Auto: 707-464-7813, Hertz,707 464-5750).  If you call Hertz, call the 707-464-5750 number first, Hertz website often erroneously states that there are no cars, yet there are many left to rent!  Get an early flight, they close early.

You can also call Del Norte Limo and they can drive you to the condo for a reasonable rate (707 487-1116).  Once there you can call (541) 412-taxi and get a cab to get around.  There are so many beautiful places to walk right from the condominium that you might not want to use a vehicle at all, once you have your food and supplies!

Fly to Medford, Oregon
A more economical way to get here may be to fly into the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon.  It is a small, friendly, and easy airport to fly in and out of.   It is a 2.5 hour drive to Brookings, Oregon, but it is beautifully scenic.  The drive takes you through Grants Pass, Oregon and then down the Smith River Canyon in Northern California, Past large giant Coastal Redwood trees, and then back North to Brookings, Oregon. 

Allegiant Air offers some ridiculously low fares from Phoenix (seasonally for Phoenix), Los Angeles, or Las Vegas to the Rogue Valley International Airport in Medford, Oregon, some as low as $39 each way from each of those cities! 

​​If you live in Portland or Seattle, you can take Alaska Air to Medford.   If you live in Salt Lake City, you can fly Delta/SkyWest to Medford, and
 from San Francisco and Denver, you can fly United/Skywest.

Here are car rental companies in Medford:

Avis – Medford 541 773-3003
Enterprise – Medford 541 772-1200
Hertz – Medford 541 779-9590 and 773-4293
Budget – Medford 541 779-3069
Butler Automotive, Medford, OR 4950 Crater Lake Ave – Medford, OR  ask for Richard Parker 541-482-2521

You can take a shuttle from the airport to Brookings:
Klamath Shuttle Brookings Office
624 Railroad St., Brookings, Oregon
541-813-1223, Toll Free: 888-900-2609 Klamath office (541) 883-2609
Brookings Office Hours: Mon- Fri 7am-10am,11:30am-4pm, Sat.-Sun. (Holidays) 7am-9am
Then use (541) 412-taxi to get you to Rainbow Rock Retreat.

Fly to North Bend, Oregon
One can also fly into North Bend, Oregon (airport code OTH), about 2.5 hours North.  United currently fly's into North Bend, and Alaska Air will likely fly during the summer only.

Fly to Arcata, California
Likewise, one can fly into Eureka/Arcata, California (airport code ACV), about 1.75 hours South of Rainbow Rock Retreat. The airlines below fly to Arcata regularly:

Delta (Reservations: 800-221-1212, Flight Information: 800-325-1999)
United (Reservations: 800-241-6522, Flight Information: 800-824-6200)
Horizon/Alaska Air (Reservations: 800-547-9308, Flight Information: 800-547-9308)

Once again, get an early flight since the car rental companies close early (small town).

Fly to Redding, California
Although this is a 5 1/2 hour drive you can take the Northern route past Mt. Shasta or the Southern route through the Trinity Alps and then North through Arcata and Crescent City, California.  Both are very scenic.

Charter a small plane:
Rose Air  will take up to 3 passengers from Portland, OR 503 860-6389
Cal-Ore Air Service – will fly to Crescent City from various places.  These are twin prop pressurized airplanes and can fly parties of 5 or more 707 465-3840  ask for Joe or Dan.  They are primarily an air ambulance service but do charter executive flights as well.

Bertea Aviation Newport, OR 541 867-7769
Central Coast Air Newport, OR 541 867-3655

Transportation to and from nearby cities:


Local Dial-A-Ride buses operate in Brooking. In Brookings/Harbor the service runs from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on Saturdays. Dispatch hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays. Call the CPTI Dispatcher at 541-412-8806 or 1-800-921-BUS1 (1-800-921-2871) to schedule a pickup. Be prepared to tell the Dispatcher:
o the name of the primary rider
o how many others (if any) will be riding
o street address and/or business name where you need to be picked up
o street address and/or business name where you need to go
o when you need to be picked up (or when you need to arrive)

Dial-A-Ride: $4.00 per ride (defined as beginning when you enter the bus and ending when you leave the bus).

Regional Coastal Express buses connect the coastal cities from Smith River, CA, to North Bend, OR, and travel along US Hwy 101. Click HERE to see the Coastal Express schedule. To ride a Coastal Express bus, be at a scheduled stop prior to the posted departure time or at a safe stopping area and flag the bus along Hwy 101. Have your fare, pass, or ticket ready when you board and tell the driver where you need to get off. If you will be flagging the bus at a location other than a designated stop, we recommend that you call the Dispatcher (dispatch hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday except on major holidays - see above) at 541-412-8806 or 1-800-921-BUS1 (1-800-921-2871) at least an hour in advance so the driver can be alerted and be watching for you. All Coastal Express buses are ADA Accessible and bike racks are provided for up to two bicycles. Sorry, no motorcycles, mopeds, or motorized bikes or scooters.

Coastal Express: $4.00 per city segment. A "city segment" is defined as beginning prior to reaching the city limit of where a designated stop exists and ending at the city limit of that city beyond the designated stop. (For the purposes of fare calculation, the two designated stops in North Bend count as only one city segment.) For example, if a rider enters a northbound bus at Pistol River, the $4.00 fare will cover the ride through Gold Beach; however, if the rider desires to go beyond the northern city limit of Gold Beach, another $4.00 fare will be required. Therefore, a ride from Brookings to Port Orford will cost $8.00.

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