Jedediah Smith Redwoods

As with most of the topography along the Wild Rivers Coast, words and photos cannot begin to capture the majesty of the Jedediah Redwoods. This park is the Northernmost of the California Redwood parks.  It is less busy, but has been described as the most photographically beautiful redwood stands still in existence.  The best route to take is is down Howland Hill Road, which branches off of Elk Valley Road in Crescent City.  The narrow road is sometimes muddy but fine for all but the lowest clearance sports cars.  A bit over 2 miles into the park, off Howland Hill Road, is Boy Scout Trail.  This trail is wide, well maintained, and fairly easy.  The trail is a little over five miles, round trip, but can be made as long as you would like.  Near the end is Boy Scout tree, which is a massive double redwood.  However, the entire walk is simply magical, with massive trees, ferns and beautiful filtered light.  Here is a link related to the hike:


About 6 miles in you will see signs for "Stout Grove", which is an unusual stand of very large, wide redwoods.  It is certainly worth the short hike around this grove. If you are adventurous, you can go searching ​​the "Grove of Titans", which remain hidden by the Park to protect it from getting too many visitors.  Grove of Titans is a grove that contains the tallest redwoods on earth.  The way there begin along the river, just west of Stout Grove.  There is no trail and there are no signs.  This is not for the unprepared! 

Howland Hill Road will join up with highway 199 near Hiouchi, CA, and you can take that westward back to highway 101.