The hike begins from the North side of the condominium property, about 100 feet inside the entrance gate.  Most of the trail to Lone Ranch Beach stays along the bluff but is intermittently in dense forest.  At many points along the way you can view the cliffs and rocky coastline over 250 feet below the path.  After leaving the woods (at about 2/3 mile), the scene opens up and you will begin moving toward a grassy promontory (at about 3/4 mile).  If you veer to the left you can walk down to a hidden beach.  If you walk to the right, you will make your way down to Lone Ranch Beach.  Lone Ranch Beach is also accessible by car, about 1 1/4 mile North of the Rainbow Rock entrance gates off Highway 101.  You can continue on the trail (which is sometimes hard to find) from the beach to the top of Cape Ferrelo.  Cape Ferrelo is a high promontory, and an excellent place to whale watch.  The views from the top are wonderful.  Cape Ferrelo is also accessible from a trail that leads from the Cape Ferrelo trailhead parking lot off Highway 101, just North of Lone Ranch.
SLIDE SHOW:  Trail from Rainbow Rock to Cape Ferrelo
(click a picture to see a still photo)Taken in August, 2009
Cape Ferrelo

Rainbow Rock Retreat is a family owned condominium that is offered as a vacation rental for no more than 12 weeks per year.  The private gated Rainbow Rock Condominium Complex is about two miles North of Brookings, Oregon and is directly on the Oregon Coast.  The Community sits atop a Bluff, magnifying the magestic views of the Southern Oregon Coast.  Brookings, Oregon is just 6 miles North of the California Border.  The Brookings, Oregon/Rainbow Rock area is within a short drive to the most scenic California Redwood Groves, including Jedediah Smith State Park Giant Redwood Grove, about 30 minutes away and The Redwood National Park, just 40 minutes away.  Brookings, Oregon is also at the Southern most tip of Oregon's Wild Rivers Coast, and features the most scenic 30 mile stretch of coastline found in the Pacific Northwest, and possible all of the Continental US.  Rainbow Rock Retreat is on a 13 acres and borders the Samuel H. Boardman State Park, a 12 mile scenic coastal park. The Oregon Coastal Trail begins at the border of the Rainbow Rock Retreat property and extends the length of the park, and beyond. The trail offers both forested and scenic ocean vistas. In the two miles between Rainbow Rock and Brookings, Oregon, is Harris Beach State Park, one of the more photographed shorelines in Oregon.  To the North, is Lone Ranch Beach and Cape Ferrelo, both magnificent and scenic.  The scenic location and wonderful accommodations provided by Rainbow Rock Retreat make it a remarkable and memorable place to retreat to for romance, peace, and serenity.

From the top of Cape Ferrelo looking South.  This is a 1.5 mile walk from Rainbow Rock Retreat (If you don't want to walk that far, you can drive to the Cape Ferrelo parking area off Highway 101 and walk about .5 mile on a trail to get to the Cape).  Looking South one can see the California Cascade mountain range with snow remaining even in this April 16, 2010 shot.  Many of the rock formations in the middle of the picture can be seen from the balcony.  Most of the land in the distant right side of the picture is Northern California.  The temperature on this day was 66 degrees.
Looking South from Cape Ferrelo.  Below is Lone Ranch Beach, located between Rainbow Rock Retreat and Cape Ferrelo.  Taking the coastal trail from Rainbow Rock Retreat, it is a 1 mile walk.  The hike from Rainbow Rock Retreat emerges from the forest in the middle-left of the photo below, just to the left of the rounded hill that takes up most of the center of the picture (in fact the picture above was taken in the little saddle, looking over the opposite side of the hill toward the hidden beach).   If you look closely, you can see people walking on the beach. 
Looking North on trail just prior to reaching Cape Ferrelo. April 16, 2010
This is about a .75 mile walk from Rainbow Rock Retreat.   If you turn left on the trail prior to your final decent into Lone Ranch Beach, you can visit this hidden beach.
This is a view from the saddle in the picture above (attached to the rock in the middle of the picture), looking North.
Lone Ranch Beach, 15 minute walk from Rainbow Rock Retreat
Lone Ranch Beach, 15 minute walk from Rainbow Rock Retreat



Cascading water, a 15 minute walk away. ext.
The forest just steps away!

​Fern Gulch, about 10 minute walk.  Between main trail and Highway 101