Tide Table
Wide angle shot of the 180 degree view from the balcony at Rainbow Rock Retreat  (everything is pushed away by the lens angle). April, 2010            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


For the daily tide table click "Tide Table" below:

Below is a link to a tide table site.  The link will open a new window so that you won't have to leave this page (click the link below).

Tide Table

Under the graph you can adjust the date. The graph will ​​ display two day predictions.  The beach is best when the tide is below +4 feet.  Thus, try to head out  when the slope is going down from +4 feet, and try to return as it moves toward +4 feet again.


​​If you are going out to the beach, it is best to go about two hours after high tide and stay until two hours before the next high tide.  That way you will have the largest sand areas to play on and will see the most life in the tide pools.  The lower the tide, the wider the sandy beach.  In the picture above, the tide is about +2 (2 feet above sea level).  There is about 12 hours between high tide. Negative tides are the absolute best hours to be on the beach for exploring tide pools.